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Originally Posted by tailofdog View Post
Love ny Legend. What do you get out of the lead in the throat?
It depends on the stick, whether it's there to balance the frame or to stiffen it in that area. Players who move the racquet head more horizontally than vertically prefer the throat to be lighter than those who drive/pressure the ball. But if the throat is too light and the plow thru is not substantial, then you get PB 8 issues and then need the PB 8 315.

Regarding the Legend, which Boris prefers to play 4 pts HL strung, with the heft of the frame at 3/9/12, one of my guys didn't like the balance and prefers more shoulder stability, so we added in the throat/shoulders/bridge. The other Legend user likes it stock, but he has a stubborn streak when it comes to grips and lead tape, so he won't experiment to make his game better through racquet mods. Hence, he is the weakest on the team, if 5.5-6.0 is weak.
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