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Originally Posted by Mig1NC View Post
So, I have been taking lots more lessons over the summer and playing matches. But always in day time (morning hours).

I had won all of my matches pretty handily.

Last night I played a team practice for the upcoming fall season and I got destroyed by my team mates. I just couldn't do anything right. It was horrible.

Honestly though, I have always sucked at night. It isn't anything new. But it highlighted the disparity to me becuase my competition last night was not any better than usual.

Is this uncommon? Is there anything that can be done?
I had the same issue until I changed my diet. I am not telling you to go on one, but check what you eat. Try to get some protein (chicken, turkey) with whole grain bread or bagel at least two hours prior to the match. A half cup of dark coffee (starbuck OBsydian) with honey if you are run down, otherwise orange or grapefruit juice. Avoid fats, as they slow you down.
Before the match, and during if you need, eat dates and a small banana, and water only.
I can bet you are going to post that your energy is back tenfolded....
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