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i was going to ask several members of twmac to speak at my funeral in case my swiss cheese of the mouth disease proves fatal... but on second thought, i reconsider! i'd rather have crickets chirp! :P

p.s. - my doctor is a whacko. i NEVER go to the doctor, so if i show up, something is wrong. dr. asks what is wrong, and i say... take a look inside my mouth and i'll show you. dr. takes a look and says there isn't anything wrong!
i'm like, do you see the cheese? do you see the blisters? and dr. says.. i see some white stuff and some other stuff but i wouldn't call them blisters.
WTF! give me some dang pillz pal!
looking for the dr phone number on internet and all i found are bad reviews!
you could come in without an arm and dr would say.. "so, what's the problem?"

p.s. - a member of my family goes to a different dr every week and now the doctor suggested that maybe HGH might help wutever ails this family member. i was like, YES, get me some of that HGH! i would KruZh all of you KrappE t3nn1z players if i was jack3d up on HGH! now the dr is stalling writing the script cuz this family member is receiving social security and dr wonders if hgh is really appropriate for helping elder members of society or something. dang it... hgh is on hold. if i show up this spring as 225lbs of lean muscle, bench pressing mazda3s, and doing the ray-ray dance.... i will delete this message!
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