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As a parent very new to this, can someone explain to me how my daughter can get a national ranking having just moved into the 12s, given that these draws are all dramatically smaller than past years? We're in the Southern section and only ranked kids seem to be getting in, so how can kids new to an age group establish a national ranking if they can't get in any of the tourneys? And even if there are openings, how does the tournament select among kids with no national ranking? I must be missing something simple, as it seems just a bit circular. Thanks.
The top two levels of Sectional tournaments (sometimes called Championships and Challengers in many sections) offer national ranking points. They count as levels 4 and 5 on the national scale.

So, get a sectional ranking high enough to get into those, then earn national points, then shoot for levels 1-3 on the national tournament list.
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