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I started my "diet" the second week of November. I'm 6' 1" and started out @ ~250lbs. This weight is pretty unnatural and unusual for me. I got this heavy basically on purpose. Doing a weightlifting / bulking thing. This morning I weighted 227lbs.

My goal weight is 195-200lbs. I hope to reach that by July 1.

My plan is a combination of diet and exercise. I follow what I call a High/Medium/Low (H/L/M) model. So I vary my calories and exercise each day. Hopefully you understand what I mean.

For example, yesterday I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a can of chicken for lunch, and chicken and rice for dinner. No snacks. This is a "low calorie" day. I combined that with 2 hours of tennis singles in the morning and interval running in the evening.

Today I will up the calories, but still remain in deficit. For exercise I did a bit of deadlifting and ran for 30 minutes at pace.

Tomorrow I will probably up my calories to "full maintenance" (or above) and probably do some easy weights and an easy run.

Wednesday will probably be another "low calorie / high exercise" day. But, I will see how I feel.

The cycle will continue pretty much as I've written above. Sunday will probably be another "low calorie / high exercise" day.

My goal is to lose 2lbs. / week for the next ~2 months. Until I get down to ~215lbs. Then more like 1lb-1.5lbs. / week......and I have to work harder for less weight loss.
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