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As a parent very new to this, can someone explain to me how my daughter can get a national ranking having just moved into the 12s, given that these draws are all dramatically smaller than past years? We're in the Southern section and only ranked kids seem to be getting in, so how can kids new to an age group establish a national ranking if they can't get in any of the tourneys? And even if there are openings, how does the tournament select among kids with no national ranking? I must be missing something simple, as it seems just a bit circular. Thanks.
I agree with everything Clark says, and would add a couple of comments if your 10 or 11 y/o is improving rapidly, loves to compete & looks at getting beat up by high ranked 12 y/o's as a fun challenge.

Take a look at the Level 3 tournaments in July (the weekend of July 9-12). Unless i've misread, 8 tournaments nationwide & i believe these are the only Level 2 or Level 3 tournaments that will have 64 draws. In the 12s there will be several locations that won't have full draws (imo).

(Click on July of 2011 & look at the july 9-12th tourneys with G12s draws offered)

My kid was where your kid was 14-16 mos. ago. Was just starting to compete in the high level Sectional tournaments (in Texas). Both were 10 y/o. On a lark we took him & his buddy ranked similar to a Louisiana Natl. a year ago since they had openings in the draw on the last day of sign up.

Had a great experience. Got a couple of wins (& got beat down in one singles & one doubles match ) & got to hang out with the big dogs in the section. (Goofing around, playing dink etc.) Also, i love the fact that these tournaments have feed in consys (NOT available in our section).

Even if he had been 2 & out, it would have been worth the trip. It was good to get the ooh ahh first National Tourney experience out of the way with ZERO expectations. Plus she'll probably make some friends & might even snag some National Points that could come in handy later in the year (or the first of NEXT year).

The key (imo) is taking the kid to the first big sectional tournament or the first Nat. tournament with ZERO expectations & only for the fun & the experience..... & if she gets a win or two it's gravy.

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