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I just spent the winter on a bulkiing diet with a heavy lifting exercise cycle. My weight is currently (or was as of 1/3/11) 205, up from 187-190 at the end of the playing season.

The lifting cycle will continue through the end of this month. At that point, I will transition into a more cardio/plyo focused exercise plan from Feb-Apr to prepare for the start of the USTA season.

My diet is already transitioning back to a slow cut. I am currently at a 200 calorie deficit which will increase to a 500 calorie deficit by the end of the month, and I hope to lose about 5lbs a month at a 500 calorie deficit through April back to the 185-190 range (although hopefully with more muscle this summer).

I don't think the zig-zag diet really helps as much as just making sure your average daily intake over the month is at your target regardless of when you get it. The complicated zig-zag diet is effective for bodybuilders who need to lose that last tricky bit of bf from 7%-5% for shows. For the rest of us, I think a regular deficit diet will get you where you want to go as well as the zig-zag diet. Unless, of course, zig-zagging helps you stay on target overall. If that is the case, then go for it.
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