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Originally Posted by J_R_B View Post
I don't think the zig-zag diet really helps as much as just making sure your average daily intake over the month is at your target regardless of when you get it. Unless, of course, zig-zagging helps you stay on target overall. If that is the case, then go for it.
Zig-zagging does 3 main things for me:

1) It seems to keep my metabolism higher. If I just do regular, steady dieting, it seems like my body adjusts and simply burns less instead of burning reserves.

2) I do like not having to stay strict and like being able to eat "bad" foods fairly often.

3) I don't feel weak and low energy on my diet because I am not in deficit for extended periods. This is both a physical and mental benefit.

I also don't like being too structured. My zig-zag is just a loose outline of a diet. On any given day, I really just go by feel.
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