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Originally Posted by SuperFly View Post
Yeah, I could stand for a some fat loss. I have a bit of a spare tire in front (not a gut, but it's still there )

Anyone got good fat burning exercises that isn't long, boring cardio?
Change your diet first. Eating at a caloric deficit is by far the biggest key to fat loss.

As far as exercise, I think the best is high intensity interval training (HIIT). This can be done with any exercise where you alternate short bursts of full exertion within a longer low-intensity cardio workout. For example, with running, I will jog laps at the gym and sprint the straightaways on 2 of every 4 laps. This will cut down significantly on the amount of time you have to spend on the cardio (i.e. 20 mins of interval sprints is worth at least 45 of just plain jogging). If you don't like running, you can do any exercise the same way alternating low and high intensity. The other benefit for tennis players is that tennis itself is a series of high intensity intervals with a lot of rest time in between, so this type of cardio training is very closely related to the flow of the game itself (much more close than just jogging 4 miles or something).
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