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Default Indiana Jolly, and the Quest for the Holy Paperweight.

Well friends, the time has come on this blustery snow day in New York to sit down and asses my goals and plan out a strategy for the short, medium and long term of my tennis playing.

This thread will chronicle my playing through 2011 and beyond.

I intend to share my goals in the hopes that writing them down and posting them publicly will help me adhere to them better, and force me to work harder to achieve them. I plan to document all travels and post up pictures and summaries of my adventures and misadventures along the way.

I am just getting over a back injury that has kept me sidelined for most of the past three months, and am looking forward to a great 2011 where I build upon the progress made in 2010 where I was finally for the most part injury free. My wrist is feeling great, and I didn't have to tape it at all last year, while the areas that were the last to shape up (FH Return, and short ball put away) have been cleaning up nicely while my forehand as a whole is coming around rather well. Lately I have been feeling pretty good about how I have been playing in tournaments and there is less of a gap between practice play and tournament play.

Now, to start with the goals. I will be mostly playing and concentrating on Men's Open Singles tournaments, however I will also play Men's Open Doubles tournaments, Mixed Open Doubles tournaments, and Men's 5.0 League.

Short Term: (1 Month/by Feb 15th)

1: Lose 15+ lbs. Due to limited playing combined with cold weather, and holiday merriment, I have added on some tonnage. This morning I clocked in at a staggering (for me) 183lbs. I believe my current ideal playing weight to be around 165lb, and while adding on about 10lb of muscle to that 165lb would be ideal, that is not a goal for the short term. I will be working out in gym 3x per week and cleaning up my diet.

2: Video myself hitting and serving. I have not seen myself hit since July, and I would like to see how things are looking currently.

3: Ease back into practice routines. For the next couple of weeks I will try to practice 2x per week, and then up to 3-4x per week. Normally I try to go back to playing full time right away and hurt myself again, so this time I am going to take it easy.

4: Practice my serve and regain my timing. Over the past 3 months I have been serving only when absolutely necessary to conserve my back, but as my biggest weapon it will require a great deal of sharpening.

5: Play 1 or 2 tournaments. Need to get back into the mode of regular tournament play after my poor showing at the national after Christmas.

Medium Term: (3 Months/by May 1st)

1: Build up leg and core strength and endurance. Last spring when I transitioned from my light indoor playing schedule to my full time outdoor schedule, my legs weren't strong enough to handle playing every day, and I struggled the first month, and had to cut back practice. This year I want to be sure to put in sufficient gym work to alleviate that. Also the off court work will take strain off my back.

2: Hit out more with my backhand and use it to attack more than rally. I get into the mode of defending with it too much.

3: Attack more with my FH return. I am often too passive with it, just floating the ball back deep and starting the point.

4: Play 5 tournaments. I should have a good base built up, and be into match play mode.

Long Term: (1 Year/by December 31st)

1: Improve my serve and forehand to become my two main weapons. If I am going to be able to hurt better players, these are the two things that are going to get it done.

2: Improve my transition game and net play. This along with my movement are my two biggest weaknesses, and will be vital in converting opportunities that I create with my weapons.

3: Improve my movement and balance. This is my biggest liability against better players, and nothing else I work on is of value if I am not in good position to hit quality shots.

4: Play 15 + tournaments. This year I played 17, and withdrew from one so 16 total. I think one per month is too few, and two per month is too many, so 1 per month for 18 total would be ideal.

5: Play 2+ National tournaments. I have played 1 per year for the last 5 years, and would like to step up to at minimum two. Three would be ideal, but that would depend on finances and time off from work.

Year End: (By 12/31/2011)

1: Be ranked in the top 10 in Men's Open in the Eastern Section. My highest ever year end ranking was 12 last year, highest ever ranking was 3, also last year.

2: Be ranked in the top 100 in Men's Open Nationally. My highest ever National ranking was 111 in 2009.

3: Win 1 hard court, and 1 clay court tournament. Won 1 hard court tournament last year, been a finalist a bunch of times.

4: Be listed on the USTA Pro/Open top 500 ATP entry list. Because it would be fun to play some Futures qualies in 2012.

Final Goal:

1: Compete in ITF Seniors tournaments, and be ranked in the top 10 in the world.

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