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Ok, good snow day for me.

Hit the sauna for 15 mins to loosen up, got in a light 45 minute workout, hit for about 40 mins, then played a match against my buddy. After that I didn't want to serve anymore, so I just returned his serves for 15 minutes or so, and tried to be more aggressive with my returns, which lead to missing more, but got me into the mindframe of leaning into the returns a bit more.

I returned very well, not particularly offensively, but I missed very few returns. Felt pretty lost with my serve to start, but it got better and better as the match went on, I started to pick up the timing.

I hit too defensively off the ground, was very consistent, hardly missed, except for a few long, which tells me I wasn't swinging out enough, and putting enough action on the ball.

Passing shots were excellent, very accurate, putaways were pretty good, I only hit a couple of volleys, so can't really comment. I did miss two easy putaways off of mishit returns that barely made it over the net, so that kind of sucked, but all in all it was a positive practice, and I wasn't winded or tired after.

My back is a little sore/achey but no sharp pain, just the normal feeling of using something I haven't used in a while. Shoulder is getting a bit achey now too, but I was only serving at 60% effort, so it should rebound nicely by the morning.

I couldn't video today as there was too much stuff going on at the club, but if I hit tomorrow, I will try to get some.

Good practice, good workout, no Advil required. Positive first step. We will see how it feels in the morning.

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