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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
I love this one, although I doubt they were actually friends!
Glad you liked it. Actually, they were pretty close friends even when they were big rivals about 30 years ago. They'd go out together in New York for example (Studio 54 along with Vitas G. at times, etc.). McEnroe as the "new guy" at the top, wasn't accepted easily by his peers. He referred to it as "dog eat dog". Well, Borg was the first one to take McEnroe "under his wing'. McEnroe refers to that and said that "to have the best player in the world behind me, to have Bjorn Borg behind hell with everyone else"! So, Borg "let him into this small club" he says. I think McEnroe learned a lot by facing off against Borg, Connors, and Lendl among others. I think they've become very close friends through all these years. There is certainly a strong kinship/bond there. Hear McEnroe talk about that in this video clip below.

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