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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
Ano gave you some great suggestions for inside work, as did JRB.

Here's another. Long Treadmill, cycling, rowing, stair-stepping and cross-country skiing exercises bore me to tears. But one to two minutes on each at high speed (HIIT like), then moving on to the next and the next for some reason keeps my interest high.

And for outside work, often I'll go on HIIT runs, and use different routes. Yesterday I ran to my local college, did a bunch of sprints, sidestepping and carioca steps, and agilitly drills on the multiple soft athletic fields, and ran back home.
Another favorite run is to some hilly nearby woods. I'll sprint up the hills for power, coast along the flats (unless its a long section when I'll throw a sprint in), and sprint down the hills for increased foot speed.
If I feel my legs have taken too much of a pounding recently, I'll switch over to a bike ride.

Just for kicks, I'll often use one of those heart rate monitors. There's something about numbers that motivates a lot of people. Constantly keeping the heart rate above 150, and pushing it into the 160's and 170's on the sprints can really alleviate any boredom.

I use a heart moniter as well. And Charlie is right. For me it really enhances especially cardio and HIIT workouts. Mine can tell you afterwards how long you were in a 'training zone'. It also has alarms that can be set where you want to go off if You drop out or go over the training zone heart rate. Pretty slick really.
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