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Originally Posted by duusoo View Post
In men UW Green Bay is an OK program, but not nearly where they should be. I believe they are making a switch to look at foreign players in an attempt to upgrade the overall men's program. The women's is a complete joke! Whitewater is solid, and getting stronger. I'm just advising that were I a player I wouldn't look at any program in Wisconsin that had to fund raise for its survival. I think that is a pretty compelling argument the program could be on the block again. Budgets are tight, no real commitment from administration, think for a minute if they need to cut again, first thing out is men's tennis, "it was fat then, it's fat now." Yes, I am aware that the ******* is greater than just Wisconsin. That said, Boyer and Sprecher are the real deal. College tennis is great, I am a former Big 10 player, honestly you get much below the top 4 at the lower Big 10 schools, there is very little difference between them and a top D3 school.
Green Bay is starting to get foreign players, so hopefully that helps. I play with Boyer almost every day, he just needs to develop better speed and consistency. Mccoy is playing HS tennis this year so it will be a tough field. Oh, and I beat a recent Badger #1 this summer and I finished my playing at Division 2 so I understand full well that for an individual sport, school division doesnt indicate alot.
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