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Default Finally figured out why my strokes were so inconisistent....

Just alittle backround on me, i have played on a team for 7 years now...3 in high school and now 4 at a small college. I use a semiwestern grip on my forehand, but for the longest time I have used the Jim Courier "Hammer" grip. I never realized it, but i was gripping the racquet too tightly and it was causing me to not only prestretch my forearm, but my whole arm as a whole making it stiff. i tended to hit alot of short balls and wondered why, because it wasnt the fact that i didnt know how to hit a tennis stroke. we cant yet get outside to hit yet, so i was hitting in one of the racquetball courts and a light bulb went off in my head to try the grip like holding a gun. my strokes almost instantly were more fluent and even on the fast surface of the court i was able to rally 20 balls plus in a row. anyone else experienced this? now instead of muscling the ball, i feel like for the first time i can use my whole body to hit an excellent shot
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