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Your shots aren't bad -- but your form is...interesting.

Your forehand uses a lot of elbow, and although that applies a lot of topspin and power, it can cause injuries. You're kinetic chain uses very little body and more elbow. Be careful with that form. The reason I don't want you to change it is because you're used to it, and changing it now from all those years of muscle memory is only going to make you worse.

Your backhand's a 50/50. Some are really loopy over the net, others are close to it but powerful. However, they're deep, and that's good. You use the "first form" of the two-handed backhand.

Basically the "first form" is a closed stance which provides more power but less reach compared to the "new form" which is open stance for more reach but less power and more topspin. I recommend keeping the closed, and use slices for far shots.
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