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Tomic? lol, ok I'll bite. I'm fine with the rest of the rooster though, Davydenko finally earns a deserved placed on the TS rooster. If I saw someone that long retired like Phillipousis I would've raged

Here's to hoping they do something with the single player career! Gameplay is fine, if not a bit slow. And if they somehow managed to create some racket customizability, picking frames, strings, etc. that would add an entire new layer of immersion to make your own unique player.

Not gonna lie though, some of those character movements looked terrible and those face textures look even worse than they did in Virtua tennis 2009. The only one that resembled the real player was Agassi

I saw a few real life venues though, Paris and WTF was there but I get the feeling that they probably didn't get the licenses for Wimbledon and a few other tournys like Cinci. Looks like we'll be getting that "Dublin Open" wimby surrogate again.
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