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My racket of choice for some time now is the Aerogel 200 (18x20) and what I did today left me feeling as though I have commited adultery.

Was browsing a sports store today, the one in the UK which owns the Dunlop brand. What did I come across? Row upon row of 4Ds on sale. After excitedly looking through them all I found a 4D 200 Tour with case and brand new for 40. Sadly that was the only one there, all the others were 4D 200 16x19 for the same price.

I thought about it for about 5 milliseconds then made the purchase. It will be justified as my main singles stick, and I will restring with one of the 5 packs of Beast XP I was sent to sample, hopefully before I play next on Sunday. In the meantime I will scout this thread and do some searches for setup choices.

But in the meantime - if any of you guys have played extensively with the AG200 18x20 (non-4D) what are the comparisons like with the 4D Tour? My AG200s have leather grips, overgrips, dampeners and their weight is around 360g so the additional weight won't hurt me. I'm thinking that I will add a leather grip to my Tour because I love the feel, again can I ask if anyone has done this?

Thanks in advance
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