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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
^^^ I didn't put on a leather grip but did add 8-10 grams of blue tack adhesive putty inside the handle to bring the balance up to 10-11 point HL. Feels much more manoevarable and swings easy. Also dropped the tension to 44/40# in full poly (Tornado/Hyperion hybrid). To me this gave improvements all round: added touch, spin and control on all shots with the resulting ability to swing out freely on groundstrokes and serves, and I can tell you, that is a very satisfying experience with this stick...!
Thanks for responding. I will definitely add the leather plus overgrip, the same as my AG200 which by the way is 8pts HL stock vs 5pts HL for the 4D 200 Tour. The relative difference will therefore be the same as moving from one stock racket to another.

With regard to tension drop, I have gone as low as 36 before with some great results but slid back to mid 50s when my game went a bit erratic. Given that I'm used to a tighter string pattern I think I'm going to try full poly at mid 50s and go from there. My main focus is control although I loved the feel of low tensions.
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