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Originally Posted by mozart RF View Post
Roger's custom shoes have a FIT-FRAME, unfortunately, Nike did not give it to the commercial version and in my opinion a shame.
Vapor V and VI have really good FitFrame, imo. The VII was non-existed, maybe that's why Nike took it out for the retail on VIII...?

Originally Posted by Alchemy-Z View Post
air max turbulence +14

yeah I play Tennis is running shoes...but it's what has felt the best and after spending more than half my life in ice skates latteral support is not a huge concern.

That and we have crappy up keep of our city courts and I don't care to ruin a $$$ pair of FEDAL shoes just so I can look cool. So I just buy in bulk from Vietnam and save money.
Go for it! Whatever works for you, don't let other forum members talk you down just because you're not use "tennis" shoes!!
Good, cheap, fast, pick 2 out of 3!!
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