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Originally Posted by Hominator View Post
TM, if you want to post pics in a thread, go to and upload an image. After the image is uploaded, copy the URL for "message boards and forums" and then paste that link in your post here. When you paste the URL, you won't see the pic, but it will show up after you submit your post. It may sound complicated, but it's actually very simple. When I sell my racquets in the classifieds, that's how I post pics of the racquets. Hope this helps! Maybe test it out with one of your PB10 Mid stealths..?
Originally Posted by skeeter View Post
Before you "submit reply", you can hit "preview post" and your pic should show up there for you to preview.
Sorry to distract from the Melbourne, but if I have my pics in, what would be the procedure to download the pics into my post? I followed the instructions in the For Sale/Trade section, but my pics don't show up. Any help would be appreciated. And sorry again for the distraction.
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