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Watched the video, and here are some of my comments.

-Improved roster
-Game speed has picked up
-Playing defense seems to be more smooth, realistic (quick flicks, WW forehands, etc)
-The players movement seems to be less clunky

-Players have the wrong types of shot technique. Ex: Pete Sampras does not hit a pinpoint style serve. He uses a platform serve. Any tennis enthusiast can pick out a Sampras serve. I mean really? They perfectly replicated his serve in Topspin 1. Why can't they do that now?
-Forehand technique especially is damn ugly at times. It looks like they're slapping the ball. I mean seriously? These are pros, not backyard hacks.
-No commentary, or so it seems. Grand Slam tennis for the Wii has it, so why can't TS4?

Other issues: DLC? Will there be any? How about overpowered created players? No?
Gameplan: Get it deep, wait for the short ball, then come in.
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