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Originally Posted by Mansewerz View Post
Watched the video, and here are some of my comments.

-Improved roster
-Game speed has picked up
-Playing defense seems to be more smooth, realistic (quick flicks, WW forehands, etc)
-The players movement seems to be less clunky

-Players have the wrong types of shot technique. Ex: Pete Sampras does not hit a pinpoint style serve. He uses a platform serve. Any tennis enthusiast can pick out a Sampras serve. I mean really? They perfectly replicated his serve in Topspin 1. Why can't they do that now?
-Forehand technique especially is damn ugly at times. It looks like they're slapping the ball. I mean seriously? These are pros, not backyard hacks.
-No commentary, or so it seems. Grand Slam tennis for the Wii has it, so why can't TS4?

Other issues: DLC? Will there be any? How about overpowered created players? No?
Precisely why this game will be mediocre and clueless. It is being made by individuals who apparently don't know anything by tennis or even watch tennis.
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