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ok, so I tried the 200Tour on Sunday morning. For me, it's not a love at first sight frame but then I changed frame, string pattern and a new string setup in one go. Therefore no alarm bells yet, I just need to get into the groove of this racket.

I can safely say that the only area of improvement was volleying. This appears to be a very stable frame, volleys felt really good. Everything else suffered, so I need to spend some time with it.

So, stability-wise this frame seems superior to my AG200s. I think the balance is very similar, so maybe weight distribution around the frame has changed?

My first thought after playing that maybe putting a leather grip on is a bit of a mistake - I should be making the extra heft work for me by keeping syn grip and not making it more head light. Also, at 347g strung plus overgrip and dampener maybe I don't need an additional 12g or so that the leather grip provides. Therefore I'm replacing the syn grip and giving it another spin during the week.
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