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Default avoid a duplicate thread hope you don't mind if I pggyback on yours. I have the exact same question!

Currently my standard setup is VS17 mains and Xcel 17 crosses. I had some arm issues back in the summer/fall which have since largely cleared up through changes in racquet, string, technique, and new PT routine.

So I'm thinking about buying an EXO3 Tour 100 16x18 and stringing with a gut/poly hybrid. I demo'd the Tour with full bed of NXT 17 at mid-tension and had zero arm problems. So I'm hoping that poly crosses will be ok too due to the 52 stiffness and larger head size.

Anyway, here's the plan:

Mains: VS 16 @ 53#

Cross: Hurricane Feel 16 @ ???#

Given the very different tension losses and stiffness ratings I'm not sure of the appropriate reference tension. Any advice?
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