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Recap from L3 Regional in Midland TX:

- Draws of B12s, G12s, B14s, G14s & G16s.
- Probably 70% Texans & 30% out of staters. I'd say 1/2 the out of staters probably couldn't qualify at more popular sites (but some were top 5 in their section).
- Thankfully dry all weekend, cold in the mornings & nice (& windy) in the afternoons.
- LOVE the feed in consolation aspect of it.....but fyi, no back draw Final (2 backdraw winners).
- Crap facilities (except for the G16 site) but the kids are used to it, so no biggie.
- Highly ranked seeds from MoValley, Eastern & Mid Atl. were (for the most part) beaten by lower ranked Texans (harder to accumulate natl points in lower ranking).

Glad i did it, but after a 6 hour drive & 3 nights in a hotel to play mostly kids we see in ranking tournaments, we're going to pass on the L2 event in Midland in Feb. If it was more "Regional" (closer).....or if more high end kids from elsewhere competed we'd do the L2, but they need to choose closer more attractive & accessible sites to attract out of state players.
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