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Originally Posted by LameTennisPlayer View Post
My keyboard keys are left shift for leftside, and right shift for rightside, a quick tap is all you need, keep in mind you can switch to the alternate side if you decide to change your shot selection from backhand to forehand and visa versa. Delay your choice when you are running down balls whether they are hard dtl or drop shots, you will get to the ball quicker. Make sure you complete all the tutorial tips, and spend a bit of time in the practise area-groundstrokes to get a feel using manual prep and playing around with shots.
Wow, you actually play Full Ace with the keyboard? That must be even harder. I use a gamepad. When not grab a cheap Logitech gamepad? It will make the game more enjoyable IMO.

I did all the tutorials...Very helpful. This is also the first tennis game where it's actually fun to hit off the ball machine. I dont think any console game can come close to the depth and gameplay of Full Ace. I also tried Dream
Match Tennis and it's good too, but I didn't like how you have to wait until almost hitting before pressing the button to hit. The timing was throwing me off. I think Full Ace is the best.
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