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Oh here we feckin go. Murray isn't even in the final yet and we've got cretinous pre-emptive assertions seeking to devalue a win he hasn't had yet.

Tell me, was Roger's first slam win a 'default win'? He only played two seeds, never faced a top five player and played the world number 48 in the final.


He played the world #48 who beat Stepanek, Agassi, and Grosjean on his way to the final.

He also played Roddick who was the 5 seed. Schalken who was the 8 seed. Both who were/are absurdly good players on grass. He also played Mardy Fish and Felciano Lopez, both who are also really good on grass. Just remember, do your homework before trying to compare this slam to Murray's current potential slam, which has been filled with hacks other than Melzer, who flat out didn't even play anywhere close to his potential, and Dolgopolov, who is a rookie, and although potentially dangerous, really shouldn't be a threat to Murray if Murray is as good as you and others say he is.

Originally Posted by batz View Post
Did you miss the Shanghai final?

Try doing it in a slam, Federer simply does not redline in a Masters even if it is a final. The only non-slam tournaments he redlines in these days are Basel and the World Tennis Final. Occasionally he will try and redline at a Masters BEFORE an important event, such as Madrid in 2008, but he rarely does that unless he has been playing poorly. Notice how in years past that Federer has won Cincinnati despite the fact that historically he has done pretty poorly at that tournament? If you discount his horrible 2008 performance against Karlovic, he has won 3 out of 4, beating very tough opponents on his way to the title. And this is a title that is notorious for top players tanking. Why then does Federer play hard here? Because it is right before the USO, and he wants to tune his game up.

Stark contrast to say IW and Miami, although important tournaments, are not followed up by a slam. Federer historically used to dominate those tournaments, and no longer does.

Djokovic's win is impressive because he straight up man handled a Federer who wasn't playing poorly at all. In fact, Federer was playing as well as he could considering the circumstances.
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