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Electronic Arts is the largest or second largest video game publisher in the world with activision being the other. EA has a substantial edge in assets and money. They more than likely have an exclusive deal with wimbledon for a certian amount of time. Thus top spin is left in the cold when it comes to that. EA actually tried to aquire 2k=TakeTwo (ttwo) about a year or so ago but take two wouldnt sell.

Anyhow Top spin is looking to be the best bet for a tennis simulation on a current console. Virtua Tennis games can be very fun however they are very arcade like and more of a pick up and play with friends game. Although top spin is missing quite a bit of features that would make a complete tennis game.

I would really love if they either Take Two or EA would make an ATP game only. With the top 50-100 players in the world. Dont waste any money on the ladies players. I honestly dont care about retired players or lengends either save that money.... Like Nba 2k11 or Madden they are very official and try to be very sim. Give me the top 50-100 male players in the world. Give me the top tennis sponsors, the real outfits, and equipment down to the strings. Give me challenges (spot shot) like in smash court. Give me all the grand slams, all the masters series and the actual stadiums they are played in.... they can make up stuff for the 500 series and lower- that is fine to save money. Give me real player motion and animation for all of them. Bring in 2-3 guys to motion capture the top-50 guys on tour. Watch a game or set and mimic these guys in a motion cap studio! please.

Now for the complainers wanting the WTA maybe if the ATP game does well they could take turns releasing the game every other year like in Toronto and Montreal. so every other year you would get a new release with wta and Atp.
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