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Originally Posted by batz View Post
And if Murray were to make final and win he'd have beaten the world number 3 and the guys who beat Roger Federer.

Roddick was ranked 6th and Shengen was ranked 12. They were the only 2 seeds he faced. Those are the facts. The rest of your post is opinion dressed as fact.

Except both Roddick and Schalken are better players on grass then their rankings show evidenced by their seeding. Just because Davydenko was ranked 4th at some point did not mean he was the 4th best player on grass now does it?

Until Murray shows up and beats Federer / Nadal in a slam, he still hasn't shown that he's gotten anywhere. He did it ONCE where he played very aggressive, and that was a very good match. I give credit where credit is due. However, he has not done that yet in recent times, and continues to fall short despite massive hype behind him.
"man... what match is this? The Iron Hands vs The incredible Shanker..." - Gorecki, Federer vs. Ferrer Cincinnati 2009
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