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If Murray wins this by any chance under fair conditions then I'll give him credit.

Roddick is nothing more than a clown who filled up the last missing holes in the ATP. His task was to keep the rankings warm for the upcoming generation.

Nadal was incedibly lucky at the last years USO. He had his own puppet in the quarters who just came off from a 5-setter. Youznhy in the semis who also played a tough 5-setter in the previous round. And then the finals where you would think his lucky streak will finaly come to an end, but no he gets another dead-tired opponent who suprisingly took a set from him.

But having said that I also must mention Federer's FO. He had some easy opponents and still had troubles making the finals. He avoided the top 5 like in many other slams and that's the reason for his success.
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