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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
DN is hard worker on and off the court,but he doesn't have any weapons to make it to the next step to be a #1 or prime player or pro.. I hope he can find it soon as time is running out . The YouTube of him against Klahn,I noticed he was hitting so many balls off his back foot and jumping . It's too hard to win consistently playing defense at that higher level of tennis. His volleys are good but they are not decisive put away winners ,they are more like placement volleys . He has a great mental game and knows how to fight ,but I think he's gonna need a bit more.
To be fair to Nguyen, he's 5'10. Klahn's spin, specifically on the forehand, was kicking above Daniel's head. He didn't really have much choice than to be jumping off the back foot. This was also Nguyen's first true test of the season since the fall tournaments. Not only would I love to see this matchup again at Ojai, but I definitely think the score would be closer.

There has got to be someone out there on the college tennis scene that can spin Klahn's spin.
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