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Originally Posted by Polvorin View Post
Of course Gaudio is the ultimate example, and I freaking love Gaudio.
Exactly. Kafelnikov made plenty of consistently good appearances at all 4 slams (ESPECIALLY the French where a clay all time great had to fight for his life some 3 times to beat him late in the tournament, and went on to win), and yet idiots say he "got lucky" to win the French.
He put himself in a position to win many times at both the French and the AO. That's not luck, that's odds and good f*cking play.
Gaudio is the perfect example for "lucky" as he never EVER! made any good to great run in a slam except for his fluke win.
Cedric Pioline is a much more worthy player of winning a slam than Gaudio ever was...and yet he is "slamless".
People who bring up Kafelnikov's major wins as the "prime examples of lucky wins" are :
a) biased
b) lack tennis knowledge
c) ********
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