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While Kafelnikov was often a reasonably solid performer at the French outside of his FO title there were many guys in his own era considered better clay courters. Muster, Bruguera, Courier, Rios, and Kuerten all by a huge margin. Then also Moya, Corretja, Costa, Agassi. Even guys like Mantilla, Medvedev, and Chang you could argue. Yet even guys like Rios and Corretja never won the French. Add to that the year he won the French he wasnt one of the favorites and ALL the favorites this year crashed out before the quarters, and that he spanked badly later that year in his clay court meeting with then clay court king Muster. Can anyone say he would have had even a tiny hope of winning that French if Stich didnt pull the upset of his career by beating Muster on clay. Add all that together and it is easy to see why many have surmised he was lucky to win a French.
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