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Sorry folks. I haven't been on TT for over four months. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you like this breakdown.

Originally Posted by MixieP View Post
If one wants to spare one’s old body with its creaking joints and tender muscles, which of these playing styles would you recommend that one aspires to adopt?
Since I have NO idea how you play, I cannot answer this question. Too much of the answer depends on your strengths and weaknesses.

Originally Posted by TennisTech View Post
... I'm having trouble explaining the counter-punching style of tennis. I completely agree with your post and I said the same thing to the parent of my student and they disagreed with me.
Don't sweat it. You cannot win everyone over to your way of thinking. Stick to sound principles and let those doubters believe what they want.

They came to me and showed me the book Maximum Tennis by Nick Saviano(Which I've met and been coached by him once before). I can't remember exactly what it says but basically it said that a counter-puncher is considered a defensive player and they are called "pushers". And in professional tennis there are no counter-punchers since the balls are hit hard and with fast pace.

When I saw this in the book I was dumbstruck... I've never in my tennis life heard one coach saying that a counter puncher is a pusher. There are some counter punching baseliners in pros that I am thinking. One player I can think on top of my head would be Davydenko. Also in the book it said that Arantxa Sánchez Vicario is a counter puncher... I've always heard and thought that she was a retriever...
Even the "experts" can be wrong. Listen to all the idiotic comments Gilbert blathers about during matches. (Assume a long rant about the dopey remarks from Gilbert, Fowler, Enberg and both MJ Fernandez and Shriver when they are commenting on the play of the girls....)

"Oh well...!"

Are counter punchers, pushers in your opinions? Am I wrong about this?
No and no.

Those who call counter punchers "pushers" are really just frustrated with their own inadequacies. We humans find a reason to belittle what we cannot understand. "They" don't understand counter punching. IMO, you are not mistaken.


Tennis is not as complicated as many people try to make it seem. (I tell my players "Singles is checkers; doubles is chess." Most Singles players don't like hearing this, but IMO it's easy to demonstrate.)

Keep teaching and coaching with good principles. Over time you'll gain the respect of the more ... experienced ... folks. Your results will come.

- KK
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