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Originally Posted by jester911 View Post
In boxing a counter puncher is dangerous even to top fighters.
This is also true in tennis.

This definition of the term in boxing could easily fit a tennis player and it would not fit as a definition of a pusher.

Counter punchers are tactical, defensive fighters who rely on opponent mistakes in order to gain an attacking advantage to get score cards or the chance of a knockout. They use their well-rounded defensive skills to avoid or block shots in order to immediately place well-timed punches on opponents who have lost their guard.
Exactly! As a former boxer and boxing coach I can tell you that most ppl dont get this because most ppl really dont understand boxing. A counter puncher doesnt take the fight to you, but hes a smart guy waiting to destroy you as soon as you make a mistake. Not the most fancy style but VERY effective if you are good at it. Same applies for tennis, wait for the opponent to attack and turn his aggresion against him, it takes more skill than ppl think!
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