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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
Jgads do you rate the speed higher than the exo3 tour?
You know, right now I feel like I definitely do. Of course it's been a month and a half since I had the Prince in my hand, and as such I feel like I still might want to take it out for one more 'reminder' spin, putting it up head-to-head against the Speed, but from what I can remember, the Speed seems to be performing exactly the same as the EX03 Tour, just with a far improved feel and more pop on serve. The Speed is set up with full poly and I'd be curious to see how the Prince acts with full poly, since my playtest demo had a hybrid in it. I have 2-3 more hits with the Speed before I have to send it back, so I'll see how those go before definitely deciding what to do next.

... The Speed 18x20 is also a consideration, but the decreased swingweight on that scares me; I'm loving the Speed's 16x19 swingweight as is, and I'd have to mess with lead probably on the closed-pattern Speed, and I'm not a huge fan when it comes to lead tinkering. Plus, I really don't know if it's more of a mind-thing or what, but seriously, the added .2 inches of length on the 16x19 seems to be agreeing wholeheartedly with my serve and backhand. The backhand's been so much better in the last few days after being in a slump for a couple weeks.

How is your EX03 experience progressing? Any further finds of note?
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