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Originally Posted by Overheadsmash View Post
What a great thread I just stumbled upon. I'm 3/4 Scottish (the good 3/4!) and am pulling for my fellow countryman across the pond to bring one home for the UK!

I fell in love with tennis almost two years ago now after 30 years of golf (started when I was 13) and just love trying out new sticks. Even bought a stringing machine (Stringway ML-120 wow what nice piece of equipment that is) and have learned to string.

Right now, I am playing with a 2010 Kneissl Black Star and a Donnay X-red 99. I've tried Head and Dunlop frames, and have settled on these two. When I'm all warmed up and really swinging it, the Donnay is an awesome stick. Very, very stable and so solid on impact. I have lux bb 18 ace in it.

Love the lighter Kneissl too though. Very stable, great for hitting slice, and easy to move with.
Welcome, Overhead. Please share in our racquetholic joys and miseries. Membership card will be sent to you in the mail. How does your Kneissl feel, comparable to any current sticks? That's an extended frame, right?

The Final tonight should be fantastic. Think Djoker will win, but there's definitely a part of me that would love a victory for all of Great Britain. Enough is enough, eh? ...

You never tried the Donnay Dark Red, did you? That's the frame I'm currently further tinkering with while I pit other demo frames up against it.
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