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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Welcome, Overhead. Please share in our racquetholic joys and miseries. Membership card will be sent to you in the mail. How does your Kneissl feel, comparable to any current sticks? That's an extended frame, right?

The Final tonight should be fantastic. Think Djoker will win, but there's definitely a part of me that would love a victory for all of Great Britain. Enough is enough, eh? ...

You never tried the Donnay Dark Red, did you? That's the frame I'm currently further tinkering with while I pit other demo frames up against it.
Thanks for the nice welcome. When it comes to racquets, I can tell I'm going to be like Imelda Marcos was with shoes lol! You older folks here will know who she was.

It's funny - I only had three sets of golf clubs in 30 years, but I just love buying and stringing racquets. It's probably like the surfer looking for the ultimate wave.

I had to stop playing golf due to having three kids and lots of work. Tennis fits perfect though - an hour on court is a great workout and I can still get home in time to help Mrs. Overheadsmash with the kids. Brought myself from a 1.0 to a 3.5 in a little less than 2 years of playing after having never played before. Take one 1 hour lesson a month which helps.

The Kneissl - not an extended frame (I don't think). The kneissl feels great on impact and spin is very easy to generate. It's also really easy to slice - on the run it's light enough to whip through a running one-handed backhard slice but still stable enough to control the ball. It has raised stabilizer sections running down the insides of the throat and square string geometry, so the squares in the center are the same size as the ones out near the edges. It also has a strip that covers the grommets, so it looks smooth all the way around and you can't see the strings from the outside. The head is also reinforced with kevlar flexible rods that also help keep it stable.
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