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OK, it got interesting tonight. Hit with my usual partner and spent much of the eve going back and forth between the Head IG 16x19 and my Donnay Dark Red. The DR was pummeling the ball when I had time to set up, but sometimes I struggled a bit to catch up to the harder hit balls back at me (the partner goes after the ball, hits many screamers). Was also bothered by the full bed of Vs. Gut in the DR, as the string was just moving around like crazy and the ball was just jumping. Definitely gonna replace the string with a low-powered poly or poly-hybrid setup for less string movement. ... Meanwhile, the Head continued to do nothing wrong and it was easier for me to wrist back some shots on the run and play defense. Was getting good depth control, too.

Then came the surprise. For kicks, decided to pull out the Yonex Ti 80 Lite that I'd hit with for maybe five minutes the other day before deciding it was too light. I don't know what I was thinking then because suddenly I felt like a magician. It's about the same static weight as the Head Speed, but with a lighter swingweight (according to listed specs), and suddenly I was able to get some really great last-second wrist action to change the direction of the ball. The partner kept coming in, I kept ripping it past him. Once I got my timing down to wait just a bit longer before swinging (I think I got thrown off last time by going down in weight from the DR to the Lite), I found a zone where I was picking my spots and shooting the ball there. We'd been playing several rally games of 20 and I'd been barely losing most of them all night, and then with the Ti 80 I started killing him. Best thing of all: the Ti 80 Lite feels exactly like the regular Ti 80, which is to say you get an incredible feel of the ball (even better than the Head Speed, I think). The regular Ti80 just was a bit too sluggish for me, but this one is suddenly making me think twice. Haven't served with it, though, so that could make big difference, but I'm glad I decided to pull it out of the bag for one more chance. If it serves as well as the Head, we may have an interesting battle between these two sticks.

Ugh. I hate this. But I love it.
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