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Originally Posted by db379 View Post
Stanford needs to find a solution to the Kandath and Clayton problems.... Great players but something's wrong with their tactics...
I watched both Clayton's matches online. I think it's one part stubborn and one part overthinking the point.

I say stubborn because there were many situations where he should have hit a slice backhand when he was in a defensive position and instead chose to hit it flat and allowed his opponent to attack because it fell short in the middle of the court. Even when he was not on the defensive, he should have still changed up the pace a little so that his opponent doesnt get into a groove. There were other situations where his opponent was at the net, he was slighly on the run, and the best shot would have been a top spin cross court ball that would have given him more angle and either been a winner, or caused his opponent to dig down for the ball giving him plenty of time to recover. Instead, he hit flat with much less angle and ofcourse his opponent put it away.

There were also many occasions where he tried to be too tricky in his play. Instead of hitting it to the open court, he tried to hit it behind his opponent or wrong foot them, and they weren't fooled. A lot of these cases were when Alex was at the net or approaching the net, and not hitting it to the open court allowed his opponents to just stand there and hit passing shots or drill it at him for a weak volley.

I think something can be said for his fighting spirit though. He came back from being one set down in both matches. He won the second match and I think he probably could have won the first one if they played it out.

A little bit dissapointing to me since I was a big fan of his 2 years ago (especially his serve and forehand), but it seems like his level has been declining ever since.
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