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Originally Posted by themitchmann View Post
Does anyone have any direct knowledge that Fed has actually tried a larger head, or more open pattern?
Yes, there was an article about Serena Williams' last racquet change. It was the one during the Australian Open. She had a blacked-out frame and as it turned out, only had one racquet available for the entire tournament; which by the way she won.

The racquet was originally destined for Roger Federer to try. That racquet is now the Blade series I believe. Apparently Federer is given dozens of prototypes from Wilson to demo, some just to get his opinion on as they are not good fits for him, but Wilson values his opinion (imagine that).

To the OP.....folks around here suggest Federer use a bigger frame because they are trying to rationalize his game through their experience. Hey, if it helped them, it's got to be a help to him. The problem is, Federer et. al play a game with which none of us is familiar. Roger Federer is the best judge of what equipment works best for him <Period>.
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