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They did this because the serve-volley game had become a serve-serve game, but it has created a problem of another kind.

For example, it used to be interesting to see passing shot versus volley tennis, but now the passing shot almost always wins.

Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
If by "faster" you mean take bigger swings at the ball then I agree. But the game is actually slower.

The thing that has changed most in the past few years is the courts. They've progressively made creative, shot-making tennis harder and harder so tennis hasn't got faster - it's got slower.

This slowness has allowed more players to get to and take bigger cuts at balls - getting insane spin and more balls back into play. Seeing how hard it was for anyone to hit through the court at the AO with this year's balls made me wonder what on earth they are thinking at tennis HQ.

(I'm sure there are cynics who wonder whether it has been done specifically to curb Federer's dominance. )
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