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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
....Apparently Federer is given dozens of prototypes from Wilson to demo, some just to get his opinion on as they are not good fits for him...
No doubt.

I imagine a really tricky aspect about testing frames is you can't just have a demo frame and play with it. He'd need stacks of the same frame all strung and weighted differently. You couldn't get a feel for a frame at all if it was strung completely wrong for you... such is the personal nature of racquet preferences.

I'd like to know just how they do these secret tests. If we're here talking about how a larger frame might help him there is no doubt Wilson have thought of it too and made a racquet based on his current one but with a larger head and with different string spacings.

Or maybe larger isn't the key, maybe longer is the key. I wonder how much more grunt a Fed custom K61 tour would have if it was 2 inches longer.

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