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Default Low to ground, (lighter), durable shoe?

Not sure if such a shoe exists. Had been a long time barricade user. The 6's toe box was a little too wide though. I have a medium width foot, but I guess it's a little narrower than normal in the forefoot. My forefoot would slide around too much which led to less stability and quickness.

Lately I've been using the Price Rebel. I really love this shoe. It fits great, I love the low to the ground feel and the lightness. But, the durability is terrible for me. I was getting ~2 months out of the barricades, the Rebels are only lasting 2-3 weeks. I bought 3 of the on-sale yellow ones, and 6 weeks later all 3 are shot. I know I can warranty them, but that takes 2-3 weeks and is not sustainable.

So, what I'm looking for is a shoe with a tight, glove like fit, especially in the forefoot, that's low to the ground and perhaps lighter, with decent durability.

In the past I've played with Gel Res 2's, but they had similar durability to the Rebels.

I've never tried any Babolat or Nike shoes, and the only Addidas shoe I've used are the barricades.
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