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Another day, another session with the PP...

Today was notable for me getting more comfortable now playing my usual b-line game, and whilst it's not the big spinny number I'm familiar with and is a strong feature of my normal game latterly (btw, a major reason the APD was to my liking since the summer), what I'm finding - a big solid oomphing groundie that kind of pounds in - is very interesting and to my liking. I'll add that the feel, control, precision, oomph and solidness, also continues to impress.

Today however, was also notable for me sensing I'm kind of pushing myself here with this frame, and maybe to my limits (don't know), trying to gel with it. I can't quite tell if a few tweaks (like perhaps with the grip and reducing lead @ 12) won't bring it bang into my zone of comfort or whatever; or if, in fact, the frame is actually just a tad too demanding for my level.

TBH, I wouldn't mind another look, in a competitive and challenging hit, at that TF Vo2 320... whilst I'm in no doubt that in the areas of feel, build, soildness, et al, the TGK/YTPP is pretty tremendous (understatement ), I do still wonder about that serve pop and spin I last discovered with the TF (not sure I haven't enjoyed serving so much as when I served with the AG100), and the groundie pop and topspin that appears so designed for me (intermediate, modern strokes, lazy b-line basher )... anyhow, yeah, I need to test myself with this one properly very soon methinks!

Funny... I'm aching far more tonight than I would usually... is this another sign that the PP just a bit too demanding for me???...

BTW, JG's posts on the IG Speeds are also now getting my attention (like the sound of that .2 added length - very nice on serve and 2hbh, I'd care to bet you!)... any more feedback on these frames anybody?... anyone else kind of curious about these?...

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