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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Ross, the IG speeds are the one's I mentioned earlier this winter about wanting to demo myself. However, it seems the production specs are a touch different than what I had seen earlier and the SW is a good bit lower than I'd hoped. Sounds like a great frame. TW has a video review on the 18X20 version which sounds nice but quite underpowered...that surprised me.

I'd say give the ytpp a bit more time. It is by no means an underpowered stick but as you mentioned, it does take more effort than the apd. In the end, my game was better having played with the mg and ytpp for so long. My strokes got longer and faster so I'm glad I went that way.

I would almost advocate going cold turkey for a perioda month maybe) where you only play with one of your choices. It's difficult to change back between the Babs and the YTPP for me because of stroke variation.
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