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OK, here is my review in the TW format of the Tecnifibre NRG2 16.

NRG2 is a thick 16g. Very easy to string. It ghosts slightly with the clamps and tensioner. Bounced it off the racket a few times and all I can say is Wow. It felt great and it seemed like almost the entire string bed was the sweet spot. It felt softer than the RSI stiffness.

Tension it is strung: 60 pounds on a lockout machine full bed
Your regular string set up: Mantis Comfort Synthetic 60 pounds full bed
String pattern of your racquet: 16 x 20
Power (or lack there of): Low/Medium powered multi
Feel: Great feel
Tension maintenance: Seemed to hold the entire 2.5 hours so far
Price: $14/set
Overall comments and feedback: See below

General: After hearing from multiple people that I would love NRG2, I expected this to be the holy grail. After the first hit out with it, I think I bought into the hype too much. On my next try with it, it felt soft and plush. I was definitely digging it more the 2nd time out. Maybe it was the warmer weather or perhaps these strings need a little bit of a break-in period.

Serve/Return of Serve: I can't serve normally yet, but it seemed to have good directional control. Returns seemed easy to control.

Strokes: Spin took a decent amount of effort on both wings. Depth control was pretty good. I felt like I could find the baseline with this string. I can really belt my 1 hander with this string. It seems very good for flattening out shots.

Volleys: It feels pretty solid on volleys.

Touch shots: It is very good for drop shots.

Softness: The string feels like a low/medium stiffness multi that makes me scratch my head once again since the RSI rating is just under 200.

Tension: Pretty good for my game.

Durability: Being that this is a thick and gooey string my guess is that it will last a fairly long time for me. I cut it out due to lack of spin potential.

Movement: String movement is average for a multi meaning it moves a decent amount.

Conclusion: This string is like a better version of Isospeed Control to me. I can't seem to find an area where it excels but it also does not have any weaknesses. I'm glad I tried it but I'm not paying $14 for a string twice unless it really knocks me off my feet.

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