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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Did Segura marry Federer? lol.

Incidentally are we just discussing Federer's peak or do we also include performances now? I've seen (it's not often) performances by Federer's forehand not that different from the performance against Djokovic the other day. Remember that Federer is an active player and we view him often. He may have some bad performances with the forehand. Do we ignore that? Things can change, like the number of majors he has. Segura is retired and many of the others like Lendl has retired so Lendl's average forehand performance is not going to change.

Federer's not guaranteed first place here so we shouldn't be upset if he is not number one here all the time. We can make excellent arguments for many on this list for number one. For example Lendl has an excellent argument to be number one. He won 82% of his lifetime matches. Won over 90 percent of his matches in many years. He won over 140 tournaments in his career and won eight majors. Do we deny his dominance? He's third on this list. That's not bad.
Good list.Forget and Clerc may make a case for not getting into it, but I think it is pretty fair.I like Newc´s chances when we are talking of an attacking forehand, he could also be brilliant in passing shots.Since I´ve never watched Tilden or Vines or Johnston, i have no comments.
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