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Morning all,

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I think the time has finally come for me to focus exclusively on one frame, and one frame only, and that frame is... (all right, all right, we're talking 2 here frames really, but you know what I mean)... the pro-stock/retail YTPP.

Yesterday I realized a few things and pondered Aristotle-like as is my inclination (ahem) ... what am I possibly going to find that swings as sweetly as this?... has such oomph and solidness?... such tremendous feel?... such precision and control?... is as responsive as this?... et al.

My sitting on the fence so long has largely been due to certain concerns, concerns which have centered around my fear that I'm not quite up to the standard of the frame (an experience perfectly exemplified by brief time with the MG Prestige mid), and that my game is maybe better suited to more overt topspin b-line frames that are closer to tweener rackets perhaps (like the APD, PD+, TF V02 320, PST, and all these frames I've been looking at in the last six months or so.)

But, re the first point, I find the PP is more forgiving, has better spin, and is generally just a bit easier to use effectively compared to a Prestige mid or whatever... in short (and I've used this phrase a lot), it's the closest I've found to the almost "mythical PT630 with an open pattern"... Re the second point... hmmm, this perhaps remains to be seen, but with the exception of hitting more topspin - which undoubtedly I can with the APD and TF V02 - and the ease of hitting oomphy serves and a 2hbh - I'm struggling to find where these other frames are an advance on the PP.... and as for the rest, as Confucious, Gallileo, Cicero, Power Player and PED could tell you: it is all about technique .

Another issue, potentially, is in the fact that I'm favoring the TGK as my no. 1 frame, with the retail YTPP at no. 2. Even though I'm not playing tournaments or whatever, I'd still prefer at least 2 of exactly the same frame - and the pro-stock DOES play better, for me. However, there's that challenge - and this does appeal to me - of trying to tweak and fine tune and hone the retail to as close to the TGK as possible (and for the record, the differences for me include the TGK just swings so sweetly, so "primed" and smoothly... it has what I can only call an effortless oomph and power allied to control... I was amazed to see it not only matching but surpassing the uber-powerful TF V02 320 yesterday for power, and yet when you need to decelerate , as it were, and choke up on the power and get some real accuracy and control re-established, it instantly clicks obliging, and quite beautifully, into gear... and it's feel is just like... the planets have aligned .)

So racketaholics of the world, armed with just these 2 frames, a brand spanking new Head racket bag (well, if I'm not going to buy rackets I might as well buy bags, right?!), and about fifty different sets of poly (LOL!) - I now now step into the bright light of a new day ("cough, cough")...


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